Adopt A Retired Sled Dog

Filling out questionnaire simply puts you on a list of people we will contact when we have dog available for adoption. If we have a dog or find a dog in need, we will email you about the dog so that you can decide whether or not it will be a good fit for you. It is our hope that by putting together this list we can help other mushers also connect with homes for their retired dogs. Before joining our list, please read some of the most frequently asked questions about adopting a retired sled dog.

On average, sled dogs live until they are about 15 years old. Most of our dogs retire around 9 years old although we occasionally have younger dogs who we look to place. Retired sled dogs make excellent companions. They are mellow and relaxed dogs who still love to exercise but not longer need to on a regular basis. Older sled dogs are content to continue working at a reduced rate, love to go hiking, and are excellent couch potatoes. We work with our dogs from birth with the public so that our dogs are incredibly friendly and enjoy being social. Any dog we think would be a good fit with a new family is going to be a friendly, well-behaved dog. The most important thing to us about our dogs is that they go to good homes. We are happy to help arrange transportation for our dog to your home if we believe it is a good match. All we ask in return is for routine updates. Although our dogs may leave our kennel, they never leave our hearts!

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