Learn About Dog Sledding

The more tours we run, the more passionate we become about sharing what we know. We want our sport to grow. As we read fan email each year, there is one reoccurring theme: people want accessible information about Iditarod and what mushers did the other 350+ days of the year. From then on, it has become our goal to assemble quality information about the Iditarod, dog sledding, and our own daily lives in an effort to help race fans across the globe better understand what goes into running a competitive Iditarod kennel.

We want you to learn about dog sledding so that the sport of mushing can continue to grow and so that we can continue to honor the way of the north. We both started dog sledding because people in our lives made learning about dog sledding fun, accessible, and, most importantly, they encouraged us to chase our dreams.


Sled Dog Info