Playing Chicken

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On Monday I didn’t want to run dogs but did anyways. That’s what you are supposed to do, isn’t it? The dogs needed to get out and were eager to go but I was in a funk. Iditarod, I told myself. So I rose reluctantly and headed out to the yard. The dogs eager heads popped out […]


On The Edge

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In the quiet moments between living I’ve been rewatching Ken Burns’ The National Parks: America’s Best Idea. It reminds me in many ways why our life is so blessed. We live in such a beautiful place — where mountains and ocean and ice meet. Right on the edge of a place so wondrous that we as a […]

Max plays with the sled dog puppies

Training, Life, & Sled Dogs

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The weather has started turning. We’ve seen snow once or twice now, brief flurries but it doesn’t really get our hopes up just yet. It’s still early for snow, especially in Seward. Although our friends further north in Fairbanks are on sleds, we wait and take the ATVS out with the sled dogs. We’ve continued […]

Sled dog runs in the fall are beautiful

Gearing Up The Dog Team

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This week has been full of projects. We end our days tired with movies and puppies playing at our feet. We’ve been working on our enclosed trailer. It’s a 24 foot trailer we are going to use to transport our dog team and will hopefully allow us enough room where we can bunk in it […]

Sarah Stokey in the 2011 Tustumena 200 Dog Sled Race

What Is A Sled Dog

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Sled Dogs: An Overview Sled dogs are dogs that have been trained to pull sleds across snow. In months where there is no snow the dogs train on dirt and sleds are substituted for carts, ATVs, or even vehicles. Travis and I primarily use ATVs for training purposes and use carts for our summer tours. […]

Sled dog runs in the fall are beautiful

Tying Up Loose Ends & Starting Fall Dog Sled Runs

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September has come and gone, almost. We’ve spent most of the month tying up loose ends around the kennel, trying to finish all the projects we started but hadn’t quite finished yet. I’m excited that our new website is finally done. So many hours were poured into it– I hope it shows. Travis and I […]

Gremlin smiling coyly for the camera

2015 Dog Sled Racing Season Announcements

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Welcome! Our new website has been a work of love over the past few months and has taken up a tremendous amount of time and energy. We are so excited to finally be sharing it with you in time for the 2015 dog sled racing & training season We have a couple new features as […]

training sled dogs in the fall allows us to lengthen our season immensely!

For Now, Summer

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The days go by in whirling blur.  Outside, the fireweed blooms and it is a painful reminder that all too soon summer will be gone. Can it already be mid-July? We’ve stayed busy and when the day ends we are grateful for a moment of rest and solitude before waking to do it all again. […]

An Alaska Mushing Tour featuruing Pinky and Mary

Signing Up For Iditarod 2015

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Wow. The last month has been truly exhilarating. With Travis sick, I’ve spent a lot more time running dogs…mainly puppies. I have to say, its due to their enthusiasm and their talent that really encourage me to sign up for Iditarod. Iditarod has been something I’ve wanted to do since I was 6 years old. […]


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