Sarah and Travis out having fun!

My Journey Through The Dark:

Battling Depression and Anxiety

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If you asked me what and where I thought I’d be this summer, it wouldn’t be sitting at home in Seward listening to the rain fall eagerly awaiting Iditarod updates and watching Travis’ GPS steadily move down the Iditarod trail. I wouldn’t be writing this blog post or answering phone calls and emails. I certainly […]

Temperature at the Galena Checkpoint Iditarod 2015

The Galena Checkpoint: 24 Mandatory Layover

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Baby it’s cold outside! In the Iditarod Checkpoint of Galena right now is boasting a balmy temperature of -18 but with windchill and humidity it feels more like -29. He’s approximately 400 miles into the race with about another 550 miles to go. The team, should begin to start settling into a smooth run-rest routine […]

Travis Beals Leaves the Ruby Checkpoint

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Travis checked out of Ruby at 8:12 this morning with 14 dogs in 21st place. He’s currently at race mile 364, with about 40 miles left to run into GALENA. He’s traveling, once again, with Ray. Both he and Ray, it seems have a similar schedule in mind: be conservative, lurk just behind the front, […]

Thank You Peking In Seward for Your Support

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Peking in Seward is another local’s favorite here in town and one where we have spent many birthdays. When we go to Peking, we almost always get Mongolian Beef and Fried Rice — these have become our staples at our local Chinese restaurant and they really can’t be beat. Peking is always a fun place […]

The best baked goods in Alaska!

Thanks to The Moon Muse for Yummy Trail Treats!

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Not everyone has talented friends who make the best baked goods in Alaska, but we do — and we certainly feel pretty lucky. Monica Chase lives in Seward, Alaska and we have the distinct pleasure of getting to frequently try the excellent cakes, caramels, and other creative concoctions she cooks up. You can try them […]

Wrangler and Willie-Charlie from Travis Beals' 2015 Iditarod team.

Dog Of The Week: Wrangler

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There aren’t many dogs out there who eat and eat and eat some more. We’ve started getting a reputation for those sorts of dogs — dogs who are essentially bottomless pits. I jokingly tell Travis that, “Ya, they take after me”  because I’m pretty sure I have one of the fastest metabolisms ever. These are […]

Gremlin smiling coyly for the camera

Dog Of The Week: Gremlin

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Sorry, we’re a little late getting to this week’s dog of the week. It’s been almost a week of worry and anxiety here in our kennel over one thing or another so we got a little behind…but we really want to take the time to honor this week’s dog of the week. When I asked Travis […]

Izzy at the Vet's Office

Remembering Izzy

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We lost a great dog Sunday Morning. Early Sunday morning as Izzy’s condition began worsening and I made the difficult decision to end her suffering. Although I am comforted by the fact that I did everything I possibly could have, losing a dog — especially one so young — is never easy. To say yesterday was […]

Chinooks of Seward's Smoked Scallop Mac and Cheese will be powering us down the Iditarod Trail

Thank You Chinooks in Seward!

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A big thank you to Chinooks in Seward for helping us prepare our food drops for Iditarod 2015. Chinooks generously donated four of their famous smoked scallop mac and cheese — one of the most heavenly meals on the planet. Trust us, we aren’t exaggerating: this is probably the best mac and cheese on earth. […]


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