Baby It’s Cold Outside: Dressing For Success at -20

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When we travel the trail, the cold licks our faces as if it were the very dogs who pull us. It’s kisses are not gentle and slowly sting any part of us that remains exposed. We wear parka’s and neck gaiters, hats and long underwear to stave off its slow advances. We are undeterred by the cold […]

Relaxing after alaska dog sled tours

Travis Is Signed Up For The 2015 Knik 200

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I sleep on the couch and wake covered in animals. Max jams himself in between me and the backrest, sprawling halfway on top of me. He is a heavy sleeper and, unlike most dogs, doesn’t fidget during the night and keeps me warm when the fire in the wood stove goes out. On my chest […]


Dog Of The Week: Zema

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If you asked me to pick a dog that embodies the spirit of our kennel, I would without a doubt choose Zema. Zema is one of the smallest dogs in our kennel but though she is small she is mighty. She is the little engine that could. And does. And does again. She is one […]


Book Review: A Dog’s Purpose

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One of the things people are most surprised to learn is that we don’t have cable. Although we do have television and an active Netflix subscription, we don’t spend much time watching it. When we do have time to relax, we enjoy reading. Travis read and re-reads mushing books and I read just abouth anything […]

Perry Sleeping On A Dogsled

Perry: The Practical Retired Sled Dog

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If you want to know Perry’s favorite thing in the world, it’s sleeping on the couch. His next favorite thing in the world is chasing the dog team — for about 15 yards. Now 12 years old, Perry’s biggest thrill comes in the summer time when we are operating our summer dog sled tours. I’ve seen […]

Glacier Dog Sledding in Seward, AK the best of Heaven and Earth

Glacier Dog Sledding in 2015: Our Excitement Grows!

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We have to admit even though it is winter, we’ve been thinking a lot about summer. We can’t wait until the 2015 summer tour season when we can share our passion with all of our fantastic guests! Our glacier dog sledding tour is opening almost an entire month early this year with our first tours scheduled […]

Willie Charlie is a bit nervous but a fantastic athlete

Dog Of The Week: Willie-Charlie

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Willie-Charlie Most dogs have one name but Willie-Charlie isn’t most dogs. When we picked Willie up as a young pup in 2011 he was extremely skittish. He wanted absolutely nothing to do with Travis or I. When Travis went to load Willie into the truck the first time, Willie bit Travis’ finger. At the time, […]

Travis, Sarah, Wyatt, & Justin at Woody's Thai Kitchen in Seward, AK

Visiting Woody’s Thai Kitchen: A Little R&R

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Travis came home for a few days of R&R for both him and the dogs. Saturday was the famous “Polar Bear Jump” in Seward — a well-known fundraiser for cancer research. We went down to watch folks plunge into the harbor and were surprised at the lack of crowd. In years past, it seemed that […]

Thank you Pollux Aviation!

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Thank you to Pollux Aviation for their generous sponsorship this season. We work with Pollux during the summer months with our work at Seward Helicopter Tours. They provide us excellent helicopter service for our glacier dog sled tours. If you need remote utility work done or people transported to remote locations, look to Pollux! They […]


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