Training new lead dogs to run past Travis

Just Running

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The snow is finally showing up here in Willow, Alaska. After not seeing much of it last year, watching it slowly fall in tiny flakes is exceptionally peaceful. The dogs are also enjoying it. Every morning they squirm with anticipation for what the day brings. We are all, I think, very happy. This year marks […]


North To The Future: Our Life As Snowbirds

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It’s no secret that we’ve been trying to establish a winter training camp so that we have better access to trails, snow, and the mushing world. We are excited to announce that at the end of August our hardwork paid off. We were able to buy a small piece of land in Willow, Alaska — […]


Camping Out With The Dogs

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Travis has been traveling the last week and so the dogs and I have had plenty of time to ourself. For September, the weather remains warm. I’ve taken advantage of the warm temperatures and set up my new camping hammock in the dog yard. Sleeping outside with the dogs has, well, been interesting. I picked […]

Dog Of The Week: Shark

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When you first come into our dog yard, the dog that won’t stop barking is shark. Her excitement never stops. She wants you to know hey! I’m right here! Come see me! Inevitably, whenever you do go see Shark, however, she is coy.Oh me? I was just kidding! Her shyness never lasts long but she is […]


Fun with Goblin’s Puppies

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We are homebodies. Our family is big and often we find that simply taking time to enjoy one another is enough. With so much going on sometimes it’s easy to get lost in what to do and when.     But our dogs root us and remind us of what’s important. Time together. Slow time. So […]

These Summer Days

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When we aren’t mushing our days are filled with other adventures. Still we get out with a team 2-3 times a day depending on our tour schedule. The dogs are always great and our guests equally excited to partake in Alaska’s state sport. These days the dogs are settled in and guests are often able […]

How To Host A Paint A Dog House Day For A Sled Dog Kennel

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We are writing this article for our fellow dog mushing friends who are looking for ways to incorporate more local outreach into their kennel. After the Sockeye Wildfire devastated the mushing community of Willow, many mushers and non-mushers alike banded together to help the displaced sled dogs get new homes. Operation Doghouse became a community-wide […]


Dog Of The Week: Hoover

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If you told me last summer that Hoover would be running lead, I would have laughed at you. Hoover? In lead? No way! She barely pulled! To me, Hoover’s success this season just goes to show how putting time into our dogs and developing each of them individually has really paid off. First of all, […]


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