These Summer Days

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When we aren’t mushing our days are filled with other adventures. Still we get out with a team 2-3 times a day depending on our tour schedule. The dogs are always great and our guests equally excited to partake in Alaska’s state sport. These days the dogs are settled in and guests are often able […]

How To Host A Paint A Dog House Day For A Sled Dog Kennel

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We are writing this article for our fellow dog mushing friends who are looking for ways to incorporate more local outreach into their kennel. After the Sockeye Wildfire devastated the mushing community of Willow, many mushers and non-mushers alike banded together to help the displaced sled dogs get new homes. Operation Doghouse became a community-wide […]


Dog Of The Week: Hoover

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If you told me last summer that Hoover would be running lead, I would have laughed at you. Hoover? In lead? No way! She barely pulled! To me, Hoover’s success this season just goes to show how putting time into our dogs and developing each of them individually has really paid off. First of all, […]

Granger a sled dog at Turning Heads Kennel and participant in the 2015 Iditarod

Dog Of The Week: Granger

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We named her Granger because she was smart from the beginning. She reminded me so much of Hermione from Harry Potter — always eager to solve a problem.  True to her namesake, Granger is one tough, smart little dog. She is energetic and is always ready to face a new challenge. She has been working hard at becoming a […]


Dog Of The Week: Handsome

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Handsome is, well, handsome. He is a very beautiful dog who likes to remain aloof. He is not a fan of people and has taken his time in  warming up to both Travis and I — though he has made himself right at home with his teammates. When not running, Handsome enjoys playing with other dogs. Despite […]

Ray on an Exit Glacier Dog Sled Tour

Dog Of The Week: Ray

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We don’t know how he does it, but this old man refuses to give up his position on the main team. We were pleasantly surprised in January to see him back again as one of our go to all-star dogs. Ray never seems to be out of energy. Even now, at 8 years old he […]

Everything you wanted to know about running glacier dog sled tours.

Running A Remote Glacier Dog Sledding Tour And Camp

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Our summer job is beyond awesome. We get to hang out with our dogs all summer long and introduce people to dogsledding either at our kennel in Seward, Alaska or on our home away from home, Godwin Glacier. It’s a lot fun sharing our passion with guests to Alaska and our glacier dog sled tours […]

Teddy Dog Of the Week Team Travis Beals Iditarod 2015

Dog Of The Week: Teddy

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His first few weeks of life, Teddy lived on the floor beneath my desk with his sibling Fergie and Mama B. He was not a planned litter and came in the late January of 2013, right before Travis’ first Iditarod. It was a miserable January — we’d had so much rain — so I choose […]

Sled Dogs on Godwin Glacier

Letting Hair Fly: Why We Chose to Groom Our Sled Dogs

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This year we decided to have our entire kennel of sled dogs groomed. This is something we have never done before and something we absolutely loved. Amber Travis of Bully & Bug Grooming, a local dog groomer here in Seward, Alaska came out to our kennel to help us tackle the enormous project of grooming […]


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